Thinking of you

Dear Oz,

Just thinking about you all the time and wondering how you are coping and what you are doing during these long days until the next part of your trial. I hope you are managing to watch some of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I thought of you when I saw Chad le Clos winning gold (I love watching your interview about him after London 2012) and also I know how much you like rugby and hope…

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You have touched me deeply

You have touched me deeply

Dear Oscar,

over the past few months I have been appalled by the inhumane treatment you have received by the media, reporting half truths and outright lies, inciting hatred fuelling the bitter and ignorant.

I believe you should never have been charged with murder. Your subsequent trial has been a disgrace. A prosecutor so unfair, cruel and vindictive, he at times, appeared deranged. Sadly, some…

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Be comforted now


one of the many names for the Lord is comforter. What a perfect description!? His presence can make you comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. He can unravel the dark shroud of grief and release the beautiful heart held captive within. He can pull you out of every situation you thought you’d be stuck in forever. He has the ability to bring peace to every trauma.
In fact,this…

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Sterk wees maat

Wees sterk, jy is onskuldig. Almal gooi klippe, maar glo my, hy wat klippe gooi gaan ook eendag val. ek weet wat jy deur gaan. Ek was ook daar waar jy was tot dat my onskuld bewys is. Sterkte.

Wees sterk en vol moed. Ek glo in jou onskuld en ja mense is vinnig om te se dat jy skuldig is, en wanneer jy onskuldig gevind word waar gaan daai mense wees wat so klip gooi. Ek staan agter jou want ek is…

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You can stand under my Umbrella

You can stand under my Umbrella

Hello Oscar,

I graduated from my Illustration course last week and it was a truly memorable day. My fellow graduates and I were able to celebrate all our hard work and have fun, before we move on to the next chapter in our lives. I was reminded of when you received your honorary doctorate from Strathclyde University, and how proud you looked as the press took your photo.

Unfortunately, your life…

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