Into the Light


Dear Oscar,

today one woman will decide about your future. You must be so very anxious and scared.
I can’t take that heavy cross you have to carry off you but believe me I would, if only I could.
You will never know how many tears I’ve cried for you, how many thoughts and prayers I have sent your way. Because you were there for me – without even knowing – when I needed someone to lead me, to…

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Gather the Fragments left over so that nothing will be lost

Gather the Fragments left over so that nothing will be lost

Dearest Oscar

We can’t imagine what you are feeling today. We’ve had nineteen months to prepare for this day and yet it has arrived too soon for us to grapple with its enormity. How will you cope? What will Aimee and Carl do? We pray that Judge Masipa will be merciful and that you will return home to the loving arms of your family, that they’ll take you in their arms and bring you home. That they…

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Please never lose your empathy and humanity

Please never lose your empathy and humanity

My dear Oscar,

It has been a few months since I last sent you an email but please know that in all that time I have continued to pray for you and your family, as well as Reeva’s family, and have never wavered in my believe in your innocence.

Never believe that you no longer have any friends!  You have many, many friends all over the world, as well as here in South Africa.  Only your true friends…

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Overcoming Difficulties


Dear Oscar

Last night I asked the Archangels about Tuesday. This was their response.

Overcoming Difficulties – Archangel Jeremiel says “The worst is now behind you, and you are surmounting any previous challenges.”

“The challenges you’ve faced have made you stronger and have taught you new lessons. Instead of becoming bitter, you’ve opened your heart with compassion toward people in similar…

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We are not The State’s society

We are not The State’s society

Dear Oscar

It’s quietly surreal, that after all this time, this phase comes to an end tomorrow. Over these months I have tried to give you strength and encouragement, through words and thoughts and deeds. But I always wish I could give you more. I wish it with all that I have, for tomorrow I give to you all that I have left to give. I give to you all of my strength, my hope, my humility and my…

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Stay strong dear Oscar

Stay strong dear Oscar

Dear Oscar!

May you feel the presence of our Heavenly Father with you tomorrow, also that of the thousands of people who believe you and love you dearly. We will stand by you, no matter what! We pray and trust that the Judge will make the right decision.

We know u have suffered enough, that you are such a gentle soul, that this was just a terrible accident! I know in my heart, that you are…

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I will be thinking of you tomorrow

I will be thinking of you tomorrow

I am writing this letter just so that you know, I will be thinking of you tomorrow. 

My whole heart prays that everything will work out fine.  And that you will be safe in God’s hands with your family and that your life can start over again….

You will get through this,  if you get scared, just pray.  God is with you.

Many blessings and love and we hope with you for positive outcome tomorrow.


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